Benefits Of Having Undercover Security Officers At Concerts

4 March 2018
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It's common for concert promoters to hire security companies to overlook their events, which means that if you're a manager at a security firm, you'll likely find yourself in charge of coming up with a plan to keep such events safe. Uniformed security personnel at the gates will prevent people from entering with contraband, while officers on patrol throughout the venue can identify issues and deal with them promptly. You should also have plans for having some security officers undercover. By not wearing their uniforms, these personnel can commonly provide the advantage of witnessing acts that people may not perpetrate in front of uniformed officers. Here are some reasons to go this route.

Success With Catching Drug Activity

Undercover security officers can be effective at curbing any drug activity that may go on at the concert. This isn't just about catching those who are using drugs, although this may be a big part of your undercover officers' duties. Rather, these officers can identify those who may be supplying drugs to other concert attendees. Dealers will be careful to avoid breaking the law when uniformed security officers are in sight, but undercover officers may be able to catch such culprits red-handed.

Patrolling Restricted Areas

At a concert, there may be fans who attempt to get into restricted areas. For example, fans may try to get backstage in order to meet an artist, but this can lead to problems in a variety of ways. While in a restricted area, fans will be careful to avoid detection from uniformed security officers. However, they might assume an undercover officer is a technician or someone with access, and may not change their behavior. In this situation, your officers will be able to promptly escort the people out of the restricted area or off the premises entirely.

Protection For The Artists

While you'll likely want uniformed security officers assigned to protect the artists, having additional security personnel out of uniform for this job can be effective. For example, if there are fans who see an artist walking past, they may surge toward him or her, especially if it appears as though the security around the artist is lacking. What they don't know, however, is that other people in the entourage will be undercover officers, who can quickly lend a hand to control the scene. There are many additional ways that undercover security personnel can keep concert attendees and artists alike safe at your events.

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