Just Bought A House With An Old Security System? Hire A Security Company For Its Removal

11 May 2017
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When you decide that you want to become a homeowner, you have the option of building a home from scratch or buying one that already exists. Building one gives you the ability to choose every feature in the home, but this will often come at a higher price and it takes a long time to start and finish construction. A faster and easier way is buying, but this means you will need to take everything that comes with the home. Read More 

Planning For A Rough Crowd: Concert Security To Keep Your Audience Safe

5 May 2017
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If you own a small club in a metro area that books popular modern bands, then odds are you are going to have to deal with a few bands that attract a rowdy crowd. It doesn't matter if you book primarily rock bands, punk, hip-hop, or even country, odds are that you will need extra security for some nights (unless you're a club that's only booking string quartets or jazz ensembles). Read More 

Five Ways Video Verification In Your Home Security System Can Save You Money

23 March 2017
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Video verification is an important part of a modern home security system because it can cut costs in a variety of ways. The following are five ways that video verification can save you money on home security issues over time: Perpetrators of a burglary are more likely to be caught so stolen items are returned. The best way to recover from a burglary is to get your possessions back. You'll have the best chances of doing that if video verification technology can provide visuals of the perpetrators to security personnel immediately when the crime occurs. Read More 

3 Tips For Helping You Get Into The Security Industry

20 March 2017
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The security industry is a growing field, with more businesses wanting to hire private security firms to watch over their investments. Here are three tips that will help you obtain a job in the security industry. #1 Obtain A Concealed Weapons Permit Most all security firms provide both armed and unarmed security patrols to their clients. You can stand out from other applicants who are looking for a security job if you already have a concealed weapons permit. Read More 

3 Excellent Reasons To Contact A Lockout Assistance Service When Locked Out Of Your Car

15 March 2017
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One of the worst feelings is when you realize that you are locked out of your vehicle. While your first reaction may be to break open your window and get inside, this is likely not going to be your best option. A much better, and generally less damaging option, is going to be to contact a lockout assistance service. They are going to be able to help you get back into your car and help you get on your way. Read More