Munson Martial Arts Academy - Spokane, WA

Welcome to the Munson Martial Arts Academy where we offer a complete and challenging martial arts and karate training program for adults, children, and the entire family. We are dedicated to offering you the absolute best in martial arts training in the Spokane area. Our effective martial arts programs will quickly develop your self defense skills, physical conditioning, and mental well-being. Our skillful, professional, very experienced, courteous, and patient staff will work closely with you to achieve your conditioning, self defense, and martial arts training goals.

About our School

We teach a variety of martial arts, including Tensoku Ryu Karate, Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo Karate, Tai Chi, and White Tiger Kenpo. Our instruction addresses a wide spectrum of interests including kids classes, women's self-defense classes, advanced training, sparring and fighting, Jiu Jitsu and grappling, weapons instruction, and physical conditioning via strength, balance, speed, and cardio training.

We offer a supportive and positive environment where children, families, and adults can develop strength, endurance, flexibility and truly effective self-defense skills. We believe it is of equal importance that our students also develop integrity, honesty, self-reliance, self-confidence, discipline, and respect for others.

Why train with us?

Our robust programs of martial arts and karate instruction help students develop balance, coordination, awareness, and overall well-being. We will support your goals to improve general conditioning, lose or maintain weight, learn an effective form of self-defense, and train or cross train for competition. Through our personalized instruction we will focus on achieving your individual goals.

Who Can Benefit?

Our training programs combine to offer benefits to people from all walks of life. Your age, physical abilities, conditioning, weight, and size do not matter. You will find ample and amazing benefits from training in the various arts we study. These arts are insightful, chock full of concepts and ideas about movement and self-defense, and provide a never-ending source for new ways of looking at things. Perhaps most importantly our training is fun!

Children learn self-reliance, self-control, discipline, honesty, integrity, respect, and self-confidence. Training in class is very important, but what students learn and can apply outside of class in their everyday endeavors is what is most important.

Character Development

An equally important element of our instruction is character development. Students develop a greater sense of confidence, self-esteem, respect, and discipline. We teach fundamentals such as it is important to be honest, that empathy is an important skill to develop, and that avoiding a fight takes more courage, character, and, integrity than engaging in conflict. Students also develop an appreciation for constant learning. This is a recurring theme in our training. One never knows enough, about anything.

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Mental Development

Our training also provides profound benefits for mental development as well. Many of these benefits are especially important for children, but all of them will also benefit any adult. Improvements in the ability to focus and pursue goals are clear benefits of our training. Students learn what is required to establish a goal and to work hard toward its achievement.

One aspect of the martial arts that is seldom understood by initial practitioners is that the martial arts are primarily mental in nature, not physical. While the most observable movements and benefits are physical, it is the mental knowledge and understanding that sets a great martial artist apart.

Perceptual benefits are abundant in our programs. Students benefit from increased awareness about their surroundings and those around them. They also gain a much better appreciation for both distance and timing. It takes some time, but students eventually begin to see things that were not obvious before. An appreciation develops for the subtleties and dynamics of movement and the ways in which our environment and mental state can affect our behavior.

Of course, another mental benefit is the general sense of well-being that develops from being involved in a cohesive program that stresses exercise, continual learning, working well with others, and treating others with respect. This, in the end, may be the greatest benefit of martial arts training.

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Physical Development

The most obvious benefits of martial arts training are improvements in physical development. This training leads to increased muscle tone and overall body strength. Our rigorous workouts also improve stamina, burn away excess calories, and improve bearing and posture.

Our training also results in better coordination, perception, balance, and reflexes. These are all extremely important in situations where you are suddenly attacked and they form a sound underpinning for any competent martial arts training.

Our Training Programs