5 Reasons You Need Professional Security At Fundraisers

31 August 2021
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Are you organizing or hosting a fundraiser? While you undoubtedly have a lot to get done, one item that should be on your list is arranging for professional security. Why is this vital for fundraisers in particular? Here are five reasons to work with pros.  1. To Prevent Theft. Fundraisers are a particular target for theft and embezzlement because they are specifically set up to bring in money. Donors carry money, volunteers receive money, and cash changes hands. Read More 

Three Key Areas of Your Business Premises Where You Need to Place Your Security Officers

30 July 2021
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Hiring security officers is an essential step to protecting your business and its customers. However, irrespective of how many security officers you hire, their presence will not adequately secure your business if you do not distribute them accordingly.  With that said, here are three key areas where you should have at least one security officer stationed at all times. CCTV Control Room Most businesses have CCTV surveillance cameras that cover the entire premises. Read More 

Assistance From A Cyber Security Consultant

10 June 2021
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Whether someone is running a business from a brick and mortar building or at home, the internet is commonly used in some aspect. For instance, business owners often use the internet for marketing or selling products via a website or social media network. No matter what the internet is being used for in relation to running a business, it involves the risk of someone hacking into the system and causing major problems. Read More 

Construction Site Security: 3 Reasons To Install CCTV Cameras

25 March 2021
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With so many activities taking place on a construction site, it's impossible to monitor everything that goes on at any given time. That's why it is advisable to invest in a CCTV surveillance system to help you keep an eye on the site during the day and at night. Unfortunately, improper CCTV camera installation is a weak point that burglars can take advantage of. Therefore, ensure you work with a CCTV expert when it's time to install them. Read More 

Do You Need Security Only At Night?

8 January 2021
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For apartment complexes trying to increase security on the property, hiring a security guard sometimes isn't on the list. Many look to gates and lighting, and while those can be effective, they aren't perfect. When apartment complexes start looking at hiring guards, they often look at hiring guards for just overnight, when everyone's asleep and a lack of lighting in some areas allows people to slip into the property unnoticed. But these complexes, and yours if you're also considering hiring a guard to patrol the place at night, often need just as much security during the day. Read More