Three Key Areas of Your Business Premises Where You Need to Place Your Security Officers

30 July 2021
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Hiring security officers is an essential step to protecting your business and its customers. However, irrespective of how many security officers you hire, their presence will not adequately secure your business if you do not distribute them accordingly. 

With that said, here are three key areas where you should have at least one security officer stationed at all times.

CCTV Control Room

Most businesses have CCTV surveillance cameras that cover the entire premises. However, CCTV cameras are often useless unless a security officer is monitoring the feeds. 

Suppose a robbery takes place, and it gets recorded on the CCTV cameras. If the perpetrator was wearing a mask, there is no way of apprehending them, even if you provide the police with the recording. Hence, there is a high likelihood that the burglar will go scot-free.

However, when you have a security guard monitoring the live CCTV feeds, if they notice a robbery taking place, they can immediately mobilize the other security officers on duty to converge on the scene of the crime. By doing so, the other security officers can cover all the exits and prevent the robber from escaping.

Hence, having at least one security officer in the CCTV control room can significantly help enhance your security response. However, you may need more than one security officer in the CCTV control room if you have multiple feeds that need monitoring.

Entrance and Reception

Most buildings have walk-through metal detectors at the entrance to prevent armed individuals from entering. However, having a metal detector without the presence of security officers is pointless. 

For instance, if the metal detector sounds the alarm, and there is no security officer to confirm if the individual has a weapon, then the individual can just walk in with a weapon. However, if there is a security officer at the entrance, they will frisk the individual and make sure they do not have any weapons before entering.

Alternatively, at the reception, security officers can play a significant role in checking and recording the identities of the people coming and going. Additionally, they can help issue access passes to the visitors, which also prevents people who might be up to no good from loitering around the building or business premises.

Parking Lot

Parking lots are a haven for criminals because they provide secluded areas for attacking victims. For instance, a significant number of purse snatching, stick-ups, carjacking, and even kidnapping cases take place in parking lots. Unfortunately, when word gets out that such incidents have occurred in your parking lot, it could negatively affect your business because people will automatically start avoiding the area.

Therefore, even if you have security cameras monitoring the parking lots, it would be best to have several security officers patrolling them at all times. The mere presence of security officers patrolling the parking lot is enough to keep criminals away. Additionally, even if an incident were to occur, the security officers would be able to respond promptly and apprehend the criminal.