5 Reasons You Need Professional Security At Fundraisers

31 August 2021
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Are you organizing or hosting a fundraiser? While you undoubtedly have a lot to get done, one item that should be on your list is arranging for professional security. Why is this vital for fundraisers in particular? Here are five reasons to work with pros. 

1. To Prevent Theft. Fundraisers are a particular target for theft and embezzlement because they are specifically set up to bring in money. Donors carry money, volunteers receive money, and cash changes hands. Keep your cash, checks, and credit card numbers safe by having knowledgeable security who know what to look for and how to protect valuables. Assign them in visible areas, around risk points, and with staff who carry cash. 

2. To Protect Staff. When there are valuables, cash, and cash equivalents at the fundraiser, people who work with these are at higher risk of trouble. Certainly, the safety of your volunteers and staff is paramount. While you can often replace valuables that may get stolen, you can't replace the lives and health of your workers. Additional security helps keep them safe. 

3. To Manage Crowds. Security personnel do more than just watch cash. They also know how to manage crowds. Fundraisers' goals are usually to draw a lot of people who will donate. But more people means more potential for conflict in lines or in crowds, foot or vehicle traffic congestion, and unruly individuals—particularly if alcohol is served. Security staff members are trained in crowd management and deescalating individual problems. 

4. To Reassure Patrons. Visible security measures let your guests know that you take their safety seriously. It also tells people that you value their monetary contributions and protect them appropriately. Station some uniformed security personnel at various strategic points to reassure donors, staff, and volunteers that they are well protected from a variety of potential emergencies. 

5. To Handle Entry. Why not deploy professional security personnel in lieu of volunteers and staff at entry and exit points? Trained professionals can help ensure only ticketed or authorized guests get inside, verify vendors, check bags, keep lines tidy, direct traffic, confirm identification, and keep out any unruly guests. By letting them do this job, your staff or volunteers don't have to be the bad guys. 

Want to know more about how professional security staff can help make your fundraiser safer, easier, and more enjoyable for all? Start by meeting with an event security provider in your area today. Together, you can craft a security plan that will help your event be its best.