3 Tips For Helping You Get Into The Security Industry

20 March 2017
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The security industry is a growing field, with more businesses wanting to hire private security firms to watch over their investments. Here are three tips that will help you obtain a job in the security industry.

#1 Obtain A Concealed Weapons Permit

Most all security firms provide both armed and unarmed security patrols to their clients. You can stand out from other applicants who are looking for a security job if you already have a concealed weapons permit. Getting a concealed weapons permit can take time depending on what state you live in. You need to have completed a special course and gun safety training as well as submit an application to the state in order to get an concealed weapons permit.

Already having a concealed weapons permit will give you an advantage over other applicants who don't have one. Even if other applicants could potentially obtain a concealed weapon permits, it takes time; having a concealed weapons permit already will be an advantage.

#2 Security Training

Another way to stand out as a job applicant is by going through security training. There are different organizations that offer security training. Sign up for security training courses. These will help you learn not just how to look tough but how to actually survey an area for security threats, how to deescalate situations and how to handle a variety of situations. A well-rounded security applicant not only known how to fight, but they know how to survey and how to take control of the situations that they are in.

Make sure you get your training through a facility that will provide you with a certificate of completion and documentation of all the different types of training that you received. 

#3 Presentation

When you go into your interview for a security job, strive to show that you are a professional. Dress up and wear a suit or other business attire; you want to present a formal look, you shouldn't go into the interview dressed like you are going to the gym or into combat.

Although you may speak to your professional combat and fire arms training, don't focus solely on these aspects. As a security professional, you need to be able to work with business owners and members of the public. Emphasize your ability to interact with others and your professional surveillance and de-escalation training. Security companies, such as Trident Security, want to hire well-rounded individuals who can handle all aspects of the job.