Five Ways Video Verification In Your Home Security System Can Save You Money

23 March 2017
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Video verification is an important part of a modern home security system because it can cut costs in a variety of ways. The following are five ways that video verification can save you money on home security issues over time:

Perpetrators of a burglary are more likely to be caught so stolen items are returned.

The best way to recover from a burglary is to get your possessions back. You'll have the best chances of doing that if video verification technology can provide visuals of the perpetrators to security personnel immediately when the crime occurs.

While home insurance may cover you for stolen items, the only way to be sure that you're getting back the full value of your stolen items is to recover them from the burglar.

False alarms are avoided that can cost you money.

Unfortunately, benign factors can set off a home security system and trigger a potentially expensive response. With video verification, it's much less likely that a false alarm will occur. False alarms don't only cost homeowners money, but also unnecessary stress.

The response to a break-in is faster.

Video verification can result in a faster response to a break-in because it provides images of the scene immediately to security personnel who are watching over the system.

When it comes to a burglary, a fast response offers the best chances that a homeowner can avoid the loss of potentially valuable possessions. 

It's easier to figure out what response is appropriate to a given security breach.

Video verification doesn't just allow for a fast response. It also allows for a more well informed response.

When video verification is used, security personnel immediately know what is causing the intrusion. It's easy to determine not only who or what is attempting to enter a home, but also how many intruders there are and, potentially, whether or not they are armed. 

Knowing what the threat is exactly makes it much easier to adequately and appropriately respond to minimize the resulting loss and damages. 

Multiple burglaries can be avoided.

If a burglar gets away with robbing a property once, that burglar may be more likely to hit the same home again in the future. 

Multiple burglaries can be especially costly and can devastate a household. Video verification can minimize the chances that an initial burglary is successful and can alert neighborhood police of the appearance of the perpetrator so that it is more likely he or she will be caught before multiple attempts.