Tips For Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

24 June 2017
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The summer months are a busy time for home invaders. Many families travel during the school break and intruders take advantage of this. Protecting your home during this time is further complicated by the fact that your neighbors could also be spending more time away from home during this period. If you are concerned about leaving your home vulnerable to would-be burglars while you are away, here are a few suggestions for securing your home.  

Hire an Armed Security Guard 

Hiring armed security guard services for your home might seem far-fetched, but many homeowners have discovered there are many advantages to having a guard on-site. A security guard provides additional support to your home's security system. He or she has the ability to evaluate a situation and intervene in a way that a system does not.  

There is also the added benefit that armed guards are routinely mistaken for police officers from a distance. Just the sight of a guard on your property could be a deterrent to would-be intruders.  

In addition to handling intruders, a guard can help detect other hazards, such as a fire, before they become more serious. Having a human presence on-site could make the difference between losing and saving your home.  

Reinforce Entry Points 

Even with the added protection of an armed security guard, you still need to reinforce the entry points for your home. Entry points, such as the doors and windows, should be more complicated to breech. An intruder's efforts to get into the home would not only set off your home's security alarm, but alert the guard that there is an issue.  

Ideally, your entry doors should have steel reinforcement. The steel makes it more difficult to kick in, which means a decreased risk of damage to the door and its frame. Alternatively, you can opt for a solid wood door instead of a hollowed door. 

You can also add a protective barrier, such as Plexiglass, to your home's windows. The plastic barrier will make it more challenging for the intruder to get into your home. The inability to get into the windows might be enough to discourage the burglar.  

To find other ways that you can protect your home, talk to security professionals. A security guard company can help you further whether or not hiring a guard is right for your home and provide helpful tips that you can use to keep your family and home safe.