Do You Need Security Only At Night?

8 January 2021
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For apartment complexes trying to increase security on the property, hiring a security guard sometimes isn't on the list. Many look to gates and lighting, and while those can be effective, they aren't perfect. When apartment complexes start looking at hiring guards, they often look at hiring guards for just overnight, when everyone's asleep and a lack of lighting in some areas allows people to slip into the property unnoticed. But these complexes, and yours if you're also considering hiring a guard to patrol the place at night, often need just as much security during the day.

In Some Ways, Daytime Requires More Security

Daytime is when most people are away at work. Certainly, the shift to working at home because of the pandemic has changed that, but many still have to go into a workplace on a daily basis. Because their places are left unattended, they're prime targets for petty thieves looking for a quick job. It helps to have a guard or two walking around and looking at the buildings because that shows that the apartments aren't as unattended as thieves would like.

It's Obvious When Security Leaves

It's also pretty obvious when security arrives and leaves if you have them on duty for just an overnight shift. Even if the shifts are somewhat staggered, people trying to gain entry will still know that eventually, the complex will be unguarded. And you don't need really fancy, decked-out guards with military gear. A couple of basic security patrols can be enough to keep the bad guys away.

The Guards Do More Than Just Patrol

Their main duty may be to look for signs of criminal trouble, but they can also help lost tenants and visitors, notify the office of parking issues, and generally keep an eye out for anything odd. They aren't part of the maintenance crew, of course, but if they spot a branch that may be about to fall and damage a building, they can certainly let the office know so the staff there can call a tree trimming service immediately. Sometimes guarding the property means making sure all looks OK, and not just that there are no signs of crime.

A 24-hour patrol helps keep a complex safer and in better shape than just a nighttime patrol because you have those extra eyes there all the time instead of just a few hours. Speak with security services about contracts and specials to make the costs of a 24-hour patrol more palatable.

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