Security Guard: 4 Crucial Roles To Assign To Your Professional Security Guards

11 August 2022
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No matter how active you are as a business owner, you'll need help to secure your premises. Security guards are the backbone of commercial security. They deter crime, respond to emergencies, complement security systems, and improve customer service. If you are thinking about hiring a security team to improve safety and security for your employees, clients, and assets, you'll need to assign them the appropriate roles for the best results. The following are some things your security guards should do every day.

1. Record Arrival and Departure Times

You probably have two teams of security officers working at your establishment. Their arrival and departure times are crucial to ensure your premises are always protected. Have them record the shifts and changes to keep track. This should also apply to your employees. If you don't have a smart access control solution to record when every employee reported to work, ask the guards to keep an accurate record. Keeping these records ensures your employees are punctual and also prevents security issues between shifts.

2. Regular and Random Patrol

The guards' daily reports should also contain everything the officers do to keep unauthorized individuals from the establishment and enhance security. A reputable security company trains its guards to write helpful reports about routine patrols that can help seal loopholes in the security arrangements.

The reports should include the time and location patrolled. It should also note the officer taking the patrols. In case of a security concern, the officer on patrol should be able to provide answers to relevant questions. Routine patrols also deter criminal activity.

3. Inspecting Your Premises for Security and Safety Risks

Another important task a security team can help you with is reviewing preventative safety measures. They can step in to help you check the doors, windows, and other entry points that intruders can take advantage of. You could ask them to check the heating, signs, rails, and lighting to ensure they don't pose safety and security concerns. Ensure they note down any issues for easier follow-up. These measures help enhance safety and security and minimize risks and liabilities.

4. Responding to Security Issues and Emergencies

Not everything will always go smoothly or normally at your business premises. For instance, your security guards might find certain doors unlocked when they are supposed to be locked. A fire could break out, or one of your employees might suffer a medical emergency. Thankfully, security guards are trained to respond to these security concerns. Their daily reports should also include these exceptions to the norm. Fast and effective responses help promote security.

Delegating security responsibilities to professionals minimizes security threats on your business premises. The guards will ensure your business runs smoothly with minimal security issues even when you are away. 

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