5 Interesting Places For Security Guards To Work

23 September 2014
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When you hear the words "security guard," a mall security guard is likely the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are several other locations where security guard services are required that can make the job more interesting. Here are five job sites to look out for if you are in training to become a security guard.


A job as a night watchman at a museum can be fascinating if you have even a passing interest in history, art, or science. While security guards in malls and businesses serve an important function by preventing theft of commercial products, museum guards are tasked with protecting exhibits that are much more valuable for their historic and cultural significance.


Security guards that work in casinos are more officially known as gaming surveillance officers. While these officers have duties similar to security guards in any other environment, such as protecting customers from theft and assault, they are also responsible for catching customers that attempt to cheat or steal from the house.

As a gaming surveillance officer, your job will not typically take place out on the floor of the casino. Instead, you will usually be posted in an observation room with audio and video equipment that can monitor a wide array of activity within the casino. If you see any signs of illegal activity, you will be required to report to the management of the casino so that they can take action against the offending player.

Sports Stadiums

A job as a security guard at a sports stadium can be especially hectic because of the large number of customers that you must monitor. You will spend a lot of time on your feet patrolling the stadium. As a member of security personnel, you will need to be able to react quickly and cooperate with your co-workers to maintain crowd control in the event of an emergency.

Depending on your training and level of experience, you may be hired as a stadium event security supervisor. Security supervisors are responsible for coordinating the hundreds of security personnel that patrol the stadium. Additionally, you must be trained in CPR and will be one of the first responders to a medical emergency until medical personnel arrive.

Military Bases

Military bases are a high-risk location that require security guards with extensive training. You will need training in combat tactics and firearm usage so that you can protect weapons and materials on the base from possible security breaches. Becoming a Security Forces Specialist is the most common career path for serving as a security guard on a military base. It requires eight and a half weeks of basic military training, and technical training for a criminal justice degree.

Transportation Security

The transportation officers that most people will encounter are located at airports. They are responsible for screening passengers, baggage, and cargo to ensure the safety of all passengers on commercial flights. You must be able to operate X-ray machinery correctly while also taking care not to damage the belongings of any airline customers.

Transportation security officers can also be found at rail stations and boat docks. In these positions, they are more concerned with screening commercial freight than passengers, but they must also be sure to prevent trespassing on freight vehicles, and have the power to subdue and detains civilians that do not comply.

While the Paul Blarts of the world may be completely satisfied with their work environment, you may be seeking a more interesting way to apply your security training than working as a mall cop. Keep an eye out for security officer openings at these locations to take your career in a unique direction.