4 Benefits Of Business Security Systems Other Than Robbery Prevention

1 August 2016
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Television commercials and Internet advertisements often rave about how security systems help prevent burglars from taking off with your goods, but business security systems have numerous other benefits. Video cameras and blaring alarms may deter criminals from breaking into your commercial property or robbing your employees during business hours, but they also let you keep an eye on your staff and vendors. Whether you're a retail store or a family-owned restaurant, here are some ways that a business security system might benefit your company.

Inventory Monitoring

Do your sales reflect the amount of inventory that leaves your business, or are there often discrepancies between the two? Here are several common causes of inventory counts that do not match sales figures:

  • Unintentional mistakes made by employees who count and record inventory
  • Vendors who falsely claim that they dropped off more inventory than they did
  • Clients or shoppers who leave without paying for merchandise
  • Employees who offer goods to friends and family members at a discounted price
  • Employee theft
  • Theft initiated by other companies contracted by your business, such as a janitorial crew

A business security system can help you track all of these potential issues. Talk to a security specialist to determine the best spots for video and audio surveillance so you can figure out why your company's sale figures conflict with its available inventory.

Cyber Crime Prevention

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that approximately 7 out of 10 businesses have been a victim of at least one cyber crime, and 86% of these victims have experienced multiple attacks. That means there's a strong chance that cyber attacks may affect your company in the future.

If a cyber attack occurs, here are some of the negative effects your business might experience:

  • Decreased employee morale
  • Loss of customer confidence
  • Stolen funds or inventory
  • Damaged website design that requires time and money for repairs
  • Publication of private data about employees, business practices, or customer demographics

A company that handles commercial security can help you determine the best way to prevent cyber attacks. This may require video surveillance, digital firewalls, a new website design, or a combination of security methods.

Employee Observation

Sometimes employees steal cash, time, or inventory from the company they work for, but these aren't the only worker practices that negatively impact your business. Install a business security system to monitor the following:

  • Employee attitudes toward customers
  • Sexual harassment or hateful comments exchanged between employees and managers
  • Legal violations, such as letting minors work hours outside of the state-allowed schedule
  • Food safety violations that may make restaurant or grocery store guests ill
  • Staffing issues that lead to long lines at the registers or fitting rooms
  • Medical workers who violate HIPAA privacy rules

Many business security systems let you monitor the actions of employees from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This makes it easy for you to call and address important issues as soon as they occur.

Customer Analysis

The layout of your retail store may inconvenience or confuse customers, or you may discover they are uncomfortable and bored as they sit in the reception area of your medical office. Video surveillance lets you keep an eye on customers and clients so you can determine which areas of your business need improvement. Monitoring customers helps you determine if you should:

  • Remodel your business
  • Add more fitting rooms and restrooms to prevent long lines outside of the doors
  • Move merchandise to different locations
  • Revamp your reception area to make wait times more pleasant
  • Relocate desks or registers so visitors can find employees quickly

Business security systems may help deter theft, but they can also help you improve the overall function of your business. Schedule a consultation with a commercial security expert today to learn more about how a business security system can benefit your company.